silver cake stand
Round 16 Beaded Silver Wedding Cake Stand
.The silver cake stand is one of the most important part in the presentation of the cake.By using a silver cake stand, the overall experience of the cake will be strengthened greatly.
But, where can you get a silver cake stand, best way to store it, cleaning and what does it cost? These questions and more will Silver Cake Stand website answer.

How to keep your silver cake stand clean

Wash in hot sudsy water. Rinse well and dry immediately. Do not let hollow handled silver or hollow porcelain stand in water as a combination of heat, water and detergent may loosen soldering.

Try the dishwasher

Silver can be washed in the dishwasher, but the patina on fine silver is reinforced by the rubbing that occurs when washing and drying by hand. Hollow handles may be loosened to exposure to heat and detergent in the dishwasher.


One of the bad things about silver, is that it gets scratched very easily. Therefore, never use harsh abrasives when you clean it. It also has the characteristic that it corrodes / stained with salt, sulfur and sulphurous food and rubber. That means, that you should not leave food on the stand to long because that will cause stains. If you know that you will not have time to wash it right away, you should at least rinse it off.

Keep silver in a coffin lined with carpet-resistant flannel or air-tight plastic bag when not in use. Do not put rubber bands on silver as they will cause tarnish. Be careful when dealing with silver in that it scratched and damaged so easily out of blades and other metals.


Try not to use newsprint paper, wool, felt etc. which can, in worse scenario, remove the plating. When the coating is damaged, it is very expensive to repair and replanting a piece of silver will significantly impair the value.

Storage in glass cabinets

Instead of placing your silver cake stand in a coffin, you may instead choose to have it presented for viewing. A good option is a glazed cabinet. If your cabinet is made of wood, you have to make sure that the wood is painted to avoid relasing substance that can destroy the silver.

Some tips!

  • You can add Camphor blocks in the cabinet to prevent tarnish, but do not forget that it absolutely must not come into contact with the silver.
  • You can make use of activated charcoal or silver salt. It comes in forms of paper and is very good to prevent tarnish.
  • You may find these special products from jewelers and in places where it sells silverware. There you can also get advice on how to use them in a safe manner.

How to take care of your silver cake stand between cleanings

In the management of silver between cleanings, you should use white cotton gloves whenever possible. If you don't have any, you can use a clean, soft cotton cloth. You should use this to avoid leaving behind salts, oils and acids that occur naturally in the skin. These substances can cause corrosion if not immediately removed from the silver.

Top places to buy silver cake stand

There are many places where you can buy it from. Many people are starting to shop online.. On EBay For example, you can find real bargains. What is true is to be a little careful and check out the seller before you start to bid on the product. Another place that has some silver cake stand for sale is Amazon. Amazon has, as you probably already know, a lot of products for sale. Prices are very good and it's very easy to buy from them.


You can find silver cake stands from $25 - $100. The price varies because of the quality of the silver.

For how long can I use it

As long as you take care of your silver cake stand, it can be used for many years to come. Just follow the instructions and clean it occasionally and you'll be very happy.